Important question: Which wines match best with those slothful days (and nights) spent binge watching TV? Lets toss the severity to the curb - the moment has come to try a new pairing theme: Wine and TV shows!
The ideal TV binge really has extremely little to do with wine tasting. An ideal wine tasting requires concentration and some contemplation: neither of which are comparable with mindlessly absorbing hours of Netflix.
Be that as it may, we're human, so let's give this a shot.
Game of Thrones

Wine: Tempranillo
Why it works: We've spoken about the world of Game of Thrones and also what their wines were possibly like, yet the one that gets discussed the most by Tyrion and all of his wine swilling pals has a tendency to be Dornish wine. Sandy and dry, it's our assumption that Dorne produces some remarkable Tempranillo.

If you want some extra metaphor tips, find an older wine that you can decant and observe as it changes during the evening. In the end, the wine will certainly not be nearly the same as what you started with, much like Game of Thrones itself (but with any luck you'll still like it a lot more than the series ending).
Grey's Anatomy

Wine: Provence Rosé
Why it works: Forgive us if this appears a touch stereotypical, however during the 15 seasons since  Grey's Anatomy first aired, we are willing to think that about 14 billion rosé bottles have been consumed by the shows fans alone (this is all supported by unbelievably specific math, we assure you). This show essentially yells "yes way, rosé."
A Provence Rosé, specifically, is perfect for this show, with its ruthless minerality pairing perfectly with all that hospital drama. Its delicate strawberry and melon notes are for the warmer, feel-good moments.
Black Mirror

Wine: Something cloudy and natural
Why it works: Okay. We in no way recommend viewing more than one episode of Black Mirror at a time. That's one TV binge that lands you on "sad" street. Yet if you must, then you can't fail with an organic or natural wine.
With all the messages of modern technology causing the end of civilization as we know it, you'll make it through each episode a little more serene understanding that at the very least your wine wasn't made in a way that can bring about the apocalypse.

Wine: Amarone della Valpolicella
Why it works: Did we miss an opportunity to suggest a Chianti instead? Well, look at it this way: the original line from our favourite cannibalistic doctor was in fact "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a large Amarone," and that's a much better pairing.
The simple, snobbish tone of Hannibal will go perfectly with Amarone della Valpolicella: among the more costly and also searched for wines on the planet. Plus, its deep notes of cherry liqueur, plum sauce, and black fig are fairly enteric, and also bring to mind certain ... "meatier" aspects of the show itself.
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Wine: Something in a can
Why it works: Undoubtedly, It's Always Sunny isn't specifically the sort of show that inspires one to swirl, sip, and savor. That's why it's constantly a great suggestion to take Frank's guidance and be unnoticeable: and  what's more unnoticeable than wine in a can?
The Sunny gang is always on the move, always causing trouble, and also never, ever before learning from errors. And, nothing pairs better with that attitude than the sharp crack of a pressurized can full of something suspicious (although, truthfully, canned  wine has actually come a long way).
The Office

Wine: Oaked Chardonnay
Why it works: Michael Scott always made it extremely clear that he was a wine lover (and also with notes like "kinda sorta an oaky afterbirth," we're desperate to read his wine journal). But regardless of all his apparent elite expertise, he's still a man of the people. What's even more "of the people" than a buttery Chardonnay?
We may not have always seen it, yet the staff at Dunder-Mifflin makes certain to have actually knocked back a lot more than a few glasses after their workdays, and this type of Chardonnay does the trick. It's bold, it's economical, as well as it's something that pairs beautifully with whining about your manager.
Twin Peaks

Wine: Orange Wine
Why it works: There is really very little you can equate orange wine to, and the absolute same can be said for the surrealist murder secret that David Lynch bestowed unto the world some 30 years ago.
Not only does orange wine offer something genuinely different (and sometimes a little unusual) in its savory-sour notes of jackfruit, honey, and juniper, it keeps your interest, even while you puzzle over it. And just like Twin Peaks, some folks don't fully understand its charm!
If you 'd like to attempt something a little more coffee-centric for this one, coffee wine is entirely a thing.
The Good Place

Wine: Sangria
Why it works: The dubiously moral cast of The Good Place like their cocktails. So, why not enjoy a pitcher of the low-alcohol joy that is proper Sangria?
When you've got actors that are essentially split  between heaven and hell, you wish to drink  something that has a bit of both. Sangria is fascinating, but even at it's best, it's the beverage we make when you buy a wine that sucks. And also, it's actually forking excellent.
Stranger Things

Wine: Beaujolais Nouveau
Why it works: The 80s were a polarizing time with polarizing people. And one custom that began in 1988 is still a splitting line for wine enthusiasts to this particular day: the invention of Beaujolais Nouveau Day. So what better a wine to commemorate the younger nostalgia bomb that is Stranger Points than the fresh, earthy fruitiness of Beaujolais Nouveau?
Not a follower of Beaujolais Nouveau? Well, the 80s does provide you choices. White Zinfandel was enormously popular at that time. And this decade was also the advent of the wine cooler.
Peaky Blinders

Wine: ... uh ... Bourbon
Why it works: Pay attention, we love wine. Clearly. But trust us on this one: when you're enjoying something regarding British criminal households, go with whiskey.
That just covers 10 of one of the most preferred TV programs to binge watch there. So, what are a few of your favorites? Any kind of particular wines you like to couple your couch-a-thon with? Let us know!