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Begginners Guide to Chablis

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posted by admin at 12/02/2020
Naturally, with experience comes understanding. Not all Chablis are equivalent, yet couple of regions give Chardonnay a platform to shine as pure as it does here. Chablis' greatness originates from a tapestry of ingredients, all equally vital: limestone soil, indirect sunshine from a northward latitude, a cold climate, and also obviously, an entrenched, multi-generational culture of winemaking ...

What is Orange Wine?

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posted by admin at 11/02/2020
In the last 10 or more years orange wine has experienced quite a transformation in regards to its understanding as well as reputation.   Go back some years and also those who found out about this '3rd' colour of wine viewed it as niche, commanded by unknown barrel-fiddlers in capitals of northern Italy, eastern Europe and beyond ...

2019 Wine Review

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posted by admin at 11/01/2020
Can you remember when 2019 begun? Neither can we. It's been among those years where no one truly wants to recall.   What happened with wine in 2019? The highs and the lows of wine in 2019 couldn't be any more extreme. Lets take a look at what truly took place in 2019 in wine ...

Pascal Jolivet

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posted by admin at 09/01/2020
The 2018 vintage is one of the most remarkable vintages that we have actually seen in the past half a century. -Pascal Jolivet, discussing the 2018 vintage in Sancerre Sancerre lovers as well as followers of rich white wines all over can rejoice in the statement written just above ...
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