Unless you want its fruity and floral aromas to come to be those of cooked cabbage, wet cardboard and  wet dog, ensure your wine and sunlight stay away from each other. Keep reading for more on this and what else you can do to protect your wine.

Does Sunlight Effect Wine?
Did you realize that direct sunshine exposure can change a magnificent bottle of wine to nasty swill? This unfortunate phenomenon is light strike.

Light strike takes place when the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays flood the bottle. This excites the wine's naturally taking place riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5).

These energized molecules then react with naturally present amino acids. This yields sulfur containing compounds that we can smell at very low levels, and they stink!

3 hours of sun direct exposure is all it takes for wine damage to occur in clear bottles. Wine in green bottles takes just 18 hrs. Be mindful of where a shop has placed its wine prior to acquiring it.

Select a wine that is not near a home window or subjected to the sun.

But is there an additional solution for battling those UV rays?

The shade of the bottle significantly affects UV direct exposure.


Bulbs & Bottles: Much More Wine-Saving Techniques
Who would have thought that the shade of the bottle makes such a difference?


As proof, a research study revealed that amber glass, not the winemaker's typical choice, offers near COMPLETE defence from UV rays. Green glass offers moderate security, and clear glass very little.

Historically, green glass was the easiest to create in large quantities. It predates any understanding of light strike, hence making it one of the most usual today. Clear glass is a newer selection that provides almost no security.

This is a real shame, as most of us like to see the beautiful shades of white, yellow, green, and rose within.

Lastly, if you intend to get really technical and stop UV damage a lot more, set up LED bulbs. This is a fantastic solution, as they do not emit any UV rays.


It's not impossible!
Keeping wine and sunlight separate could appear hard. Yet as we've seen, there are tons of techniques for keeping your wine scrumptious and also sun-free!

Securing your wine from UV rays, taking into consideration the colour of the bottle, and even installing LED bulbs will certainly lengthen the life and also flavour of your wine.