Santa Margherita Wine Group is an Italian tale of passion, effort, values and tradition which began in 1935 thanks to the vision of Count Gaetano Marzotto and his belief in modern, reliable agricultural methods based on bringing man, nature and technology together. 85 years might have passed since Santa Margherita's visionary started but its leading principles have continued to be unmodified with time and have seen Marzotto's dream grow into among the leading producers of wine in Italy.

A "mosaic of wines" that currently includes 10 various estates in some of the most beautiful Italian regions: from Eastern Veneto to the Adige Valley, from the hills of Valdobbiadene and Refrontolo to Franciacorta, from Alto Adige to Lugana, from Chianti Classico to Maremma, from Sicily to Sardinia, from north to south of the Italian peninsula. The mosaic crosses 712 hectares, 70% of which are owned by the Group and more than half are naturally farmed.

It's not just about the large dimension of the territory which Santa Margherita Wine Group covers, however. The Group's success boils down to its large and varied range of wines which have the ability to satisfy the needs of an ever-increasingly globalized market, and offer consumers an assurance of consistent top quality wines.

It is exactly this "variety of wines from the various estates incorporated with their very high quality which is the factor for this recognition of the Marzotto familys work", honoured with "Winery of the Year" award in the Gambero Rosso "Guide to Italian Wines 2021", among one of the most prestigious wine magazines in Italy.

"Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo has succeded in producing outstanding wines in all the geographic areas it has estates", thanks to the invaluable contribution of all the 'tiles' which make up its 'mosaic': Santa Margherita, Torresella, Kettmeir, Lamole di Lamole, Ca' del Bosco, Cà Maiol, Tenuta Sassoregale, Vistarenni, Terrelíade and Cantina Mesa.

Certain of these 'tiles' or wineries would certainly not be in the setting to market themselves globally if they were single entities yet are able to do so by becoming part of the Group; at the same time, the Group would certainly not be what it is today if it offered only the most widely-known labels and not these lesser-known gems of Italian wine. The Team actively sought to accomplish this balance between both, and it is this equilibrium which is the charm and the toughness of Santa Margherita Wine Group.

"We are extraordinarily proud to receive this award - says Beniamino Garofolo, CEO of Santa Margherita Wine Group - Positive feedback, such as this, is a gratifying affirmation of what the Marzotto family have created so far and the contribution of everyone who has worked with them to make this dream great".