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Lagar de Cervera

In the late 1980s, La Rioja Alta S.A. finally abandoned the production of white Rioja wines and began a painstaking search for a great white that would have a great personality and traits that would set it apart from other Spanish wines. So begins the story of a lovely venture in Galician lands. Opened in 2013, its design follows an absolute respect for the local architecture and natural setting. Granite was employed and a small creek and surrounding forest were integrated into the design. There is a porch to shelter the sorting table and the winery is landscaped with local plant varieties.

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Yellow with green hues; clean and bright. Ample, forthright nose, highlighted by the typical varietal aromas of the Albariño (ripe apples and pears, stone fruit, particularly apricots) and a remarkable citrus background. Lively, fresh and structured

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